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Welcome to The Oneness Foundation.

The Oneness Foundation

Our Vision Statement

The Oneness Foundation supports and guides worldwide centers to provide resources, educational forums and experiential activities to foster individual and global harmony and wholeness.

Teachings We Know and Recommend

Byron Katie The Work
Adyashanti Nonduality/Awakening;
Colin Tipping Radical Forgiveness
Michael Brown The Presence Process
Gary Renard Miracle of Forgiveness
Kenneth Wapnick A Teacher of Course in Miracles
Brent Baum Trauma Resolution Processes
Nondualist Teachers Self Realization by Direct Inquiry
Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera Undoing the Ego
Eckhart Tolle Spiritual Awakening
One World Academy Worldwide Self Awareness Classes
Balanced View Education in the Nature of Mind
Transformational Breath Conscious Breathing to Facilitate Self Healing